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How to wear the custom fashion metal Tie Clip?


If you are a high-profile business rookie, there is nothing more suitable than a tie clip for you. A small one gives more is a neat, refreshing feeling, wear has its specific location, from top to bottom, do not be in the shirt between the third and fourth buttons, the general deduction Obedient to the outside should be invisible or slightly exposed tie clip better.

Tie Clip

Rule 2: Choose the right length. When you choose the tie clip, you will find a long, short and different styles, this is designed to tie the different width of the tie, usually after you clip the length of the tie clip must not exceed the clip tie position The width, unless you want to be a funny entertainer. The standard length is 3/4 length of your tie. Tips: use when wearing suits, not only do not have to wear a long-sleeved shirt, not to use when wearing a jacket. 

Tie Clip

Rule 3: grasp the clip is a matter of course collar clip in addition to the shirt between the first 3 and 4 buttons in the middle, but also at the same time the shirt clip into the front, instead of light clip two tie! Speaking of this must come The history of tie clips, tie clips began to appear in the 18th century, initially to keep the tie close and dangling accessories. This bend or meal tie will not be vertical when the ground and fell into the soup. It would be better to tilt the clip down slightly. You should not clip the clip in parallel on the tie so that an elegant short arc will appear on your territory. 

Tie Clip

Rule 4: to create your own style Tie clip styles also have some stress, the workplace men's tradition is to avoid wearing jewelry, metal texture of the tie clip is an exception, the texture of the harder tie can be simple silver tie clip, the typical The brown tie with gold tie clip, shape and design should be simple and elegant, so that it is easy with the suit shape with.

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